In October 2000, three men came together and asked an important question that remains the principal ethos in PeoplePro – “How can we create Agents of Change?” With a humble initial capital invested by friends and family, PeoplePro started its journey that has continued for 16 years, building leaders and changing lives. PeoplePro now reaches out in multiple cities across the world through likeminded partners who believe in being the Champions of Change.

PeoplePro Enterprise for Social Impact is the parent company of PeoplePro Leadership Excellence And Development Pvt Ltd (LEAD) and PeoplePro Action for Community Transformation Pvt. Ltd (ACT).   

PESI aims to be the partner of choice for organizations wanting to introduce their products and services that would make an impact in the community along the lines of Education, Health, Sports, Environment, Rural Empowerment and Skill Development.


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PeoplePro is spearheaded by a team who firmly believe that every person is a diamond that will shine, if someone in their life would take the effort to polish the rough. This is why PeoplePro exists – To impact lives and to build leaders. This journey is not led by a group of perfect people but by ordinary men and women who have experienced extraordinary transformation and now choose to share it with everyone around them. Come on this exciting journey with us and get to know us more!